The new large regions are setting new frameworks for the political work. Larger units mean less focus on particular cases and spending more time on the general perspective.

The 41 members of the Regional Council get the opportunity to set a new agenda focusing on health, employment, quality, growth and development.

The regional council convenes every month, with the exception of July. The ordinary meetings are open to the public, which provides the opportunity of following the political work. The meetings are also transmitted live on our website.


The budget of the North Denmark Region is approx. 11,5 B DKK (1.54 B Euro). Over 90% is located in the Health Care Sector.

The three main tasks of the region have their own financing,

  • The Health Care is primarily financed by the state (approx. 80%) but also by the municipalities.
  • Regional Development is financed with a block grant from the state (75%) and municipal contributions.
  • The Social Services and Specialised Education is entirely financed by municipal payments.