Your rights when the Region processes data about you

Every day, the North Denmark Region processes personal data about each citizen in contact with the Region.

The manner in which the Region collects, uses and discloses personal data must comply with applicable law principles. This means that the Region only processes personal data about you, if it is provided for by law, or if you provide us with your consent. The Region collects and processes only personal data for specific purposes, including i.e. patient care, health planning and social housing.

The Region only processes personal data relevant, adequate and necessary in order to fulfill the purpose for which the data is collected. In the North Denmark Region it is an objective to have the highest level of security with respect to protection of personal data. Therefore, the Region has both technical and organizational security measures to ensure that personal data about you are not lost, destroyed, misused, comes to the knowledge of the unauthorized person or is otherwise treated not according to the law.

Below, you can read about your rights, when personal data about you is processed.