General practice in the Northern Region?

Sometimes you need to move to grow

Are you considering a future in general practice? - You get very favourable terms, if you choose the region of North Jutland.

We have many exciting initiatives underway to make it flexible and more secure for general physicians to establish themselves as a practitioner.  For example we offer a mentoring scheme or employment as a specialist in general practice before taking the big leap as an independent business owner. 


Guarantee of basic fee 

If you establish yourself as a doctor in an area with low medical coverage, we can offer a contract that guarantees you the basic fee for the convention patient standard. The warranty covers the basic fee of 1,600 patients the first three years after start-up of your practice.


Sustainable practice structure 

We work hard to create a sustainable practice structure. We do this by ensuring a good professional network and a stimulating research environment for the individual practice, partly in collaboration with our research and quality units.


Over half a million people in North Jutland 

Region Nordjylland stretches from Sydthy to Skagen and from Hanstholm to Hals, 7910 km2 with 577,005 people living. Currently there are vacant opportunities for establishment in 10 of the region's 11 municipalities, and a good opportunity to establish yourself in solo practice or partnership.