Education in North Denmark Region

The hospitals, institutions and joint administration participate in the education of students and interns from more than 25 different educations such as medicine, nursing, biomedical laboratory technician and midwife.

Every day we provide internships and guidance for students and interns and more than 4,000 times a year we welcome a student or an intern to one of the departments in North Denmark Region.


Education has a high priority as we consider it one of the core tasks of the Region – especially because the current students and interns will be the employees of tomorrow in North Denmark Region. And to ensure that they have the qualifications we demand we need to educate them well.

Our Region cooperates with several educational institutions in order to secure a high level of quality in the educational system. We emphasize coherence between what the students and interns learn theoretically and the reality they meet in our departments.

In North Danish Region education is based on the patients and the continuity of care – exactly as the day-to-day tasks are carried out everywhere at our hospitals and institutions.

Aims for education in North Denmark Region:

• North Denmark Region shall be known nationwide for its good environment for education and for its cooperation with the educational institutions.
• Education shall be visible and be embedded in management and shall be equally prioritized with the day-to-day tasks.
• Education shall include an interdisciplinary aspect to ensure a focus on the continuity of care.
• The quality of the aims of each profession shall be secured and strengthened.