Regional Development

In the Department of Regional Development the main objective is to enhance growth and development in the North Denmark Region.

Among the sector's primary responsibilities is the Strategy for Regional Growth and Development. This strategy serves to combine and coordinate development initiatives in areas such as commerce, information technology, education, tourism, culture, nature, environment, site contamination, raw materials and infrastructure. By doing so the strategy's vision is to address the specific challenges and potentials of North Denmark and create a coherent and attractive region in growth.

The strategy sets out the course to be followed by the Regional Council in collaboration with the Growth Forum, the municipalities and other partners in pursuit of the future goal to create a strong North Denmark characterised by dynamic vigour, development and growth. A North Denmark that will prove attractive to both industry, citizens and visitors. And not least, a North Denmark known for its social cohesion and collaboration.

For further information about the Strategy for Regional Growth and Development in the North Denmark Region please read the following document:

Strategy for Regional Growth and Development 2015-2018